Naeset-Roe Inn

A Stoughton Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Inn

Phone: 608-877-4150

"A peaceful house after the hustle and bustle of Chicago!! Exceptional hospitality and food. Zak is a wonderful dog. We want to take him home with us!"

Jim & Joan B. – England

Your Host and Chef

Your newest host Bess Cloyd, also the niece of Carl Povlick,  has been in the restaurant and hospitality industry since 1999.  Starting her career as a hostess at Colton’s Steakhouse in Arkansas. She has worked as a hostess, cook, line/kitchen manager, restaurant manager,waitress, front desk clerk, housekeeper, bartender, and many other positions in her profession. She has worked for places such as Colton’s Steakhouse, Village Inn,Michaelangelo’s, America’s Best Value Inn & Suites, Comfort Inn, Hilton Hotels,  and Joey’s Seafood & Grill  just to name a few.

Bess is currently enrolled at Pulaski Technical College and is working on recieving her Business of Entreprenurieal Degree. She started taking classes in the fall of 2010 and will graduate in the fall of 2013, hopefully! She enjoys school, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and niece.

Bess loves working in the hospitality field because she is a great people person, enjoys meeting new people, and enjoys taking care of others.

Your former  host Carl had been in the restaurant and hospitality business since 1970. Starting his career at McDonald’s and moved up to work at some of Milwaukee’s finest establishments including Karl Ratzsch’s, Mader’s, Hyatt Hotel and the Marc Plaza Hotel. He’d done it all: dishwasher, line cook, chef, maitre’d, bartender and waiter.

Moving from Milwaukee in 1989, he ran another B&B and then opened his own, in a farm house he had built. These experiences, as well as his current B&B, had allowed him to hone his skills as a host and chef. You weren’t disappointed!!

He continued his education and that of others by teaching cooking classes at All Through The House in Downtown Stoughton, Wisconsin. You get a discount at the inn if you stay while taking a class. For more than 25 years he has also enjoyed his hobby of quilting. Many are displayed and used throughout the bed and breakfast.

Zack is still sometimes your official B&B welcomer and your “fur fix” when he is in town visiting. You may run into some of his friends while you are in the yard. Neighbors and their dogs are always stopping over to play and talk. Don’t be afraid to join in!