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Mom Always Liked You Best

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

If you are like my Inn, a good bottle of wine or me, you have a little age on you.  That makes us a little unique in the world. 

We also lived through the original reality TV, when the only Big Brother was a book.  Shows like Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In & The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour were our reality.  To get Variety in your programs you didn’t have to hit a button on the remote, you watched a Variety Show.  We heard a few good jokes, a few good songs, and most likely a little sarcasm.

Well you can relive part of your past at the Stoughton Opera House on Sunday November 15th, when Tommy and Dick grace the stage with their “The Smothers Brothers Show, An Intimate Evening with Tom and Dick”

“The Smothers Brothers have been described as comedic treasures, comic geniuses, rare, original and peerless.”  Tickets for the show are only $60, but I think they are priceless.

While you are out enjoying yourself, why not extend your enjoyment and your weekend with a night at the Naeset Roe Inn a bed and breakfast.  Just three blocks from the Opera House, the Inn is known for its homey relaxing atmosphere and owner Carl Povlick’s 4 course breakfast.  But don’t call me a chef, even if I have 40 years in the restaurant business.  “I’m just a DGC (damn good cook).”

So call the Stoughton Opera House Box Office at 608-877-4400 to get your tickets for The Smothers Brothers Show and go online to www.naesetroe.comand book your room for the show in Stoughton Wisconsin.