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Bunnies at Madison Area B&B

With all the great weather that Madison has been having it was inevitable that it would move south to Stoughton.  Well it did, and it hit us hard.  83 degrees on April 1.  No Foolin’.  Today it is just as nice.  We could use a little rain though.  Only had about 3/4 inch last month.  But we don’t want as much as some of my friends in Rhode Island had.

Spring Airing

All this wonderful weather was pushed into Stoughton on a great breeze.  Well, maybe you can call it a wind, when it is 20 MPH.  What ever you call it, it begged me to open the windows in the house.  So that is what I did.  This window hasn’t been open in 25 years.  Last Fall I had all the stained glass in the parlor fixed and new frames made.  Now the windows open like they were intended to, and it creates a great cross draft.  This helps with the cooling of the house and gets the stale air, from 5 months of being closed up, moving out real fast.

It also awakened a few critters.  Who says bunnies don’t hibernate in the winter.  I know that I looked for them all over the house during the winter and even captured a few of them.  But today, after having the windows open for less than 24 hours, there they were all over the house.  Little dust bunnies swirling and hiding in new corners and grabbing onto chair legs so they wouldn’t get blown away.  They came out from under the radiators and book cases, I even say one sneaking out from under a video cabinet.  Well I ran and got my O’Cedar Bunnie trap and started to maneuver them into an area where I could box them up and take them outside.  Being a green Inn we practice catch and release.  There are a few critters outside that like these bunnies, especially in the spring.  Nests will be softer because of the extra fir.

So that is the tail of the bunnies at Naeset Roe Inn.  They may have hidden all winter, but they did get caught when they awoke from their hibernation.

As long as you’re thinking about the inn, why not make a spring time reservation at the Inn.  The wildlife in the house has been reduced to Zack and maybe a bunny that didn’t wake up from his hibernation yet.  There are some great spring time recipes I’d like to try out on you also for breakfast.  Look forward to seeing you soon.

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