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Girl Friends Weekend

Just got done with a Girl Friends Weekend for the Red Bowl Club.  Did they have a good time!  So did I.

The Red Bowl Club is a group of 7 girl friends that have been getting together for about 12 years.  Once a year they pick a B&B and go there to reconnect, regroup and have a great time.  And that is exactly what they did.  I know that the piano hasn’t been played that much in 6 years.  It held up well and the harmony was good.  They accompanied themselves with a set of tuned plastic pipes that you hit on yourself or others to get the note out.  What a blast.  As you can imagine breakfast conversation was lively and they sure enjoyed the food as much as I enjoyed making it for them.

Stoughton is a great place to hold your Girl Friends Weekend.  The Naeset-Roe Inn has 4 rooms with private baths.  Each room has one Queen size bed, so you may have to share, but that is why you are girl friends.  In the warmer months there is also a three season porch that has another queen bed.  So I can sleep 10 comfortably.

Downtown Stoughton is the perfect place to go when you want to do some of that girl stuff, like shopping.  Unique shops sell almost everything you may want and if you arrange it with a shop owner before, you could take a class in knitting, quilting, jewelery making, cooking, or digital painting.  The other nice thing about Downtown Stoughton is that it is only a block away.  You don’t want to keep getting in your car and driving somewhere.  You walk and reminisce, shop, snack, shop, and reminisce some more.  If you stop in the wine bar or have a little to much truffle martini after dinner you only have to walk home at the most 4 blocks.  Dinner can be anything from bar burgers, pizza, great appetizers at the wine bar, or Kansas City style BBQ at Laz Bistro.

You make want to bring along some crafty things to do while you are talking.  The Red Bowl Club had a fun filled Saturday night with their own snack buffet.  Then they cleared the table off and went to craft mode with origami. bracelet making, scrap booking, even coloring books.  What a talented group of ladies.

So if you’re looking for a place to hold your next getaway, consider Naeset-Roe Inn a bed and breakfast in Stoughton Wisconsin.  Click the link above to go to the website and check availability.

Zack, the sheltie, and I look forward to meeting you and hosting your next Girl Friends Weekend.  Give me a call.  608-877-4150

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